Our Story


Serving Kunafa is one of the traditions of the Levant to celebrate special and happy occasions. This is why Kunafa has always been linked with joy and delight for everyone. We, at Just Kunafa, are pleased to serve you the best and tastiest selections of Kunafa prepared by a team of professionals who were specially recruited from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and the ancient city of Nablus.

At Just Kunafa you will enjoy the original taste of the Nabulsi Kunafa. Those on diets or with diabetes will also be able to enjoy the same delicious taste but with less calories—thanks to the special ingredients we added to our Kunafa to fit for their health.

While Kunafa is the Just Kunafa group's specialty, we intend as well to have varieties of oriental sweets on our menu. We hope to satisfy the tastes of all our customers in the Arab World. Varieties include the famous Um Ali, Osmaliyah, and Mamloukiya among many others.

History of Kunafa

Stories on the history and origin of Kunafa are many. However, the most famous one says that Kunafa made its way to the Levant through the Turkish Ottomans, and then the Palestinians became renowned for their Kunafa, especially the Nabulsis who added cheese to it. That is why the city of Nablus is especially renowned for its high quality Kunafa where the Nabulsis stuff Kunafa with cheese and then garnish it with a touch of margarine, sugar syrup, and sprinkles of crushed pistachio.

Kunafa is one of the most popular sweets during the month of Ramadan since it provides the body with sufficient sugar for the fast. It is also characterized by its mild taste. It is said that Kunafa was Mouawiyah bin Abi Sufian's favorite Sahour meal when he ruled Damascus (Sham) because it helped him keep full while fasting during the month of Ramadan.